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Finally, we were able to make a mouthwatering flavourful aromatic sauce. Our sauce compliments a seafood boil extremely well. But what makes our sauce unique is its versatility. It can be used with other meats, toppings, marinates, even salads. The possibilities are almost endless. Our sauce allows you the possibility to make a restaurant quality dish at maybe a fraction of the price.


About Our Story

The toll of the pandemic was drastic. Businesses were closing down and people refrained from social interaction. Being cooped inside a house with ohana can get uncomfortable at times, but one good thing that came out of the pandemic was quality time with family; some of that time was at the dinner table. Whether it was eating a meal that was ordered out of a restaurant or cooking a meal


Our Products
Cajun Garlic Butter Sauce

A Cajun-style garlic butter sauce. The slight heat of Cajun spices mends together with the richness of the garlic butter that enhances many seafood dishes.

Krack Sauce

a.k.a. Little Dippers: A spicy fish sauce with Kasian Kreations’ twist. This isn’t your average local grocery store fish sauce; by incorporating the umami and saltiness of the fish sauce

Our Food Menus
Kasian Krab Rolls $17
Toasted rolls stuffed with homemade coleslaw with a deep fried soft shell crab in the center, topped with crispy garlic chips, furikake, and our signature Kasian sauce. **add FRIES for $4.00 **
Garlic Shrimp Plate $18
2 scoops of White Rice , Jumbo shrimps basted in our signature Kasian Garlic Butter Sauce or Garlic Butter Herb and 1 Scoop Mac Salad Pick a Sauce: – Garlic Butter Herb – Cajun Garlic Butter ** add bacon fried rice or garlic noodles $2 **
Surf & Turf $25
2 Scoops of White Rice, Ribeye Steaks, 5 pcs of Shrimp, 1 scoop of Mac Salad ** add bacon fried rice or garlic noodles $2 **
Reaaaaal Krab Hoagie $14
Toasted hoagie bun with pork, lump crab meat, and egg fluff over a bed of homemade coleslaw. Finished with garlic sriracha mayo or with our signature Kasian sauce , garnish with scallions and garlic chips. **add FRIES for $4.00 **


October 12, 2022 32 min Cook

PERFECT steaks EVERYTIME for any occasion. All you need a sous vide device and cast iron skillet to get a predictable and successful steak night.

Crawfish Boil

October 12, 2022 32 min Cook

Salmon Rolls

October 12, 2022 32 min Cook

5 min Cajun Shrimp

October 12, 2022 5 min Cook