Businesses were closing down and people were becoming more accustomed to enjoying a meal in the comfort of their own home. People walking down the street went from sayin "Aloha" and greeting each other, to avoiding each other resulting in widening the social divide. People were forced to adapt to their new  environment. Finding new ways to provide for their families, and keep the peace within our households. The Pandemic forced families to spend an uncomfortable amount of time with each other. Many families who never had time for each other pre-pandemic finally had the chance to work on the one thing that they neglected, which is quality time with family. Being under one house hold can be rough but the one thing that allows us to bond was over a hot meal.

For our family We decided dinner was the most important meal. in our house dinner was mandatory. It gave us the chance to reflect and stay on the same page, for what's to come. Good food sets the mood. One of our favorite dishes to make as a family was seafood boil. Seafood boils can be costly to enjoy at a restaurant and hard to feel satisfied for the price you pay. An average couple could spend $200+ for a good seafood boil. We offer to cut that price in half and in the comfort of your own home. By just using our sauce you recreate a restaurant worthy dish from the comfort of your own home. The Sauce we created... keep in mind it is just a sauce... a sauce that compliments seafood boil REALLY well and also goes well with other meats, salad, spread, marination, toppings. What ever your imagination desires this sauce can help you create. 


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